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    Mediatrack – Advert Booking Software

    Welcome to Mediatrack the complete magazine and newspaper CRM, sales booking, sales prospecting, advert proofing, page flatplan and sales invoice management software solution designed specifically for the print and magazine publishers.

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    Mediatrack magazine and newspaper advert booking software delivers:

    • Client CRM
    • Advert Bookings
    • Sales Prospecting
    • Ad Proofs
    • Page Flatplans
    • Invoice Creation and Management
    • Publishing Reports

    Mediatrack is cloud based software so after configuration and set up it is rented month to month and is used via a choice of free web browsers. Using one cloud system for all parts of the publishing process saves time and time is money.

    All publishing and ad sales data about your publications is at your fingertips where ever you are in the world from contracts to sales reports to final proof reports.

    Mediatrack is system publishers need but at a price they can afford.

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  • Sales

    Mediatrack – Sales

    Mediatrack eliminates the need for paper contracts completely. When the client reviews their booking via Mediatrack online and accepts the booking all booking details including reference numbers, dates of issue, ad size, price, position, costs and conditions are automatically transferred to production layouts.

    Mediatrack allows sales staff to present real time space availability to clients face to face via tablets and other mobile devices so the sales staff know what space is available empowering them to close more deals more quickly.

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    • Makes client management easy.
    • Drives and manages the sales pipeline.
    • Manages advert bookings and tracking easily.

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  • Production

    Mediatrack Production

    Upon client confirmation Mediatrack automatically converts booking information into a graphical representation for production.

    Bookings can never be missed or placed erroneously. All client adverts requiring proofs are managed by Mediatrack with all client communications tracked and final approval for print gained in the same manner to booking approval by client ticking approval in Mediatrack. The client sees each version via Mediatrack and all approvals or change requests with date and time are stored in the client files and are kept permanently.

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    • Tracks and gains electronic client approval for adverts.
    • Creates automatic integration of bookings with layouts.

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  • Publishing

    Mediatrack – Publishing

    Mediatrack creates the perfect environment for managing any sales force small or large. Mediatrack guides and requests vital information from sales staff about their sales prospects and sales activity.

    Staff performance reports are quickly generated showing contacts made, conversions, contract values, results compared to individual sales staff budgets.

    All aspects of Publishing are easily controlled: pricing, publication schedules, users, pagination and title setups.

    Mediatrack generates real time reports from all areas of the publication cycle.

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  • Accounts

    Mediatrack – Accounts

    Mediatrack seamlessly allows integration with common accounting packages for invoicing and reporting as well as containing a customer invoice and payment system.

    All Mediatrack client data and contracts are stored in easy to use client files making client account queries and credit control easy.

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    • Stores all client contracts and communications.
    • Quickly displays client authorizations.

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